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Egypt’s Constitution Committee suspended in court

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Following the protests against the composition of the Constitution Committee in Egypt, an Egyptian court last week suspended the panel. The day after tomorrow lawmakers, politicians and the ruling military council will meet to discuss how to move forward, reports Bloomberg News.

Late March the Egyptian People’s Assembly announced the participants of the committee responsible for drafting the countrie’s new constitution. The appointments immediately caused strong reactions among independents and liberals, who claimed that the selection had been made in favour of islamists and that both women, young Egyptians and Christians were being marginalized. Only 6 of the 100 committee members were women.

About 20 committee members resigned and on April 15th an administrative court suspended the committee, questioning if the selection process hade been in accordance with Egyptian law. The court’s ruling thereby temporarily halted the process of Egypt transitioning from a military to a civilian rule that is scheduled to take place July 1st.

According to Bloomberg News, the upcoming meeting is a way to get the process back on track. Emad Abdel-Ghafour, head of the Egyptian Salafist Al-Nour party have been cited by the Middle East News Agency saying that the members of the committee now will be entirely from outside of parliament, instead of the 50/50 selection of the suspended panel.

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