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Trust Women Conference: Putting the Rule of Law Behind Women’s Rights

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Trust Women Conference: Putting the Rule of Law Behind Women’s Rights
December 4, 2012
December 5, 2012
homson Reuters Foundation/International Herald Tribune
September 6, 2012
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200 Aldersgate, St Paul, United States

Comprised of 350 delegates from around the world – female and male leaders in their fields – the conference will offer a mix of keynote speeches, multimedia, plenary discussions, debates, break-out “action groups” and opportunities to engage online.

The first day of the conference will explore clashes between “culture” and the law, honing in on concrete strategies to tackle such wrongs as child marriage, female genital mutilation, acid attacks and honour killings. Delegates will delve into what the Arab Spring means for women and how to embed women’s rights in new constitutions.

Day two will embrace issues ranging from financial independence and the corrosive effects of corruption to how to put the trafficking business out of business and end domestic slavery.

This joint venture between the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the IHT reflects their respective efforts to ensure women’s issues are covered in the media. The Foundation’s TrustLaw Women and the IHT’s Female Factor are both global hubs of news and information on women’s issues.

For more details on the conference, including speakers, agenda and registration information, go to Trust Women Conference.