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Here you will find resources connected to women, peace and security. We have gathered a selection of important UN and EU documents, reports, links and organizations working with women’s rights and peace. Choose by category or use our search engine. News articles can be found in our Newsroom.


  • Democrat Women’s Organization of Samtskhe-Javakheti

    Akhaltsikhe, Georgia

    Creates meeting places and arrange exchanges between Georgian and Armenian villages. Runs a gynecological clinic with cost-free consultations.

  • Association Imedi – IDP women for peace

    Zugdidi, Georgia

    Focuses on the refugee situation and peace talks. Operates in Zugdidi, where there are 60 000 internally displaced people from Abkhazia.

  • Women’s Political Resource Center

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    A network for Georgian women’s organizations and individuals. Focuses on increasing the number of women in politics and on a gender-equal legislation.

  • Women’s Information Centre

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    A bridge organization between policy makers and grassroots unions. Works with women’s rights within law, economy, politics etc.

  • Cultural Humanitarian Fund Sukhumi/The Association of Women of Abkhazia

    Kutaisi, Georgia

    Do peacebuilding work on either side of the Georgian/Abkhazian border.

  • Union “Wives of Invalids and Lost Warriors of Georgia”

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    Educates in and works with advocacy on women’s rights and active involvement in decision-making and peace-building.

  • Women’s Initiatives Supporting Group

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    Supports and empowers LBT women in order to achieve full participation for the group in all areas of life. Seeks to improve their rights in legislation.

  • Anti Violence Network of Georgia

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    Works with legal support and psycho-social rehabilitation of domestic violence victims. Holds trainings for policemen, lawyers, social workers etc

  • Women’s Association for Rational Development

    Baku, Azerbaijan

    Works with healthcare, gender equality, economic development and peace-building programs.

  • Women’s Rights Center

    Yerevan, Armenia

    Helps women victims of violence and trafficking. Runs a telephone helpline and a crisis centre.

  • Democracy Today

    Yerevan, Armenia

    Supports and promotes women’s participation in political elections and self-support through small businesses. Arranges leadership courses.

  • Women’s Resource Center

    Yerevan, Armenia

    Works to improve women’s participation in public life, with a focus on gender-equality awareness in the academic world.

  • Society Without Violence

    Yerevan, Armenia

    Works with improving young girls’ self-belief and their opportunities to influence politics and public bodies.

  • World Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)

    16 Ancienne Route 1218 Grand Saconnex, Geneva, Switzerland

    Advocates for peace, justice and raising the status of women.

  • WIPSEN Africa

    68 Onyankle Street, Abelemkpe, Off Olusegun Obasanjo Highway P.M.B. 36 Osu Accra, Ghana

    A pan-African network for issues on women peace and security.

  • Global Network of Women Peacebuilders

    c/o WEDO 355 Lexington Avenue; 3 fl NY 10017 New York, USA

    A worldwide coalition of women’s groups for UNSCR 1325 and 1820.

  • Nobel Women’s Initiative

    1 Nicholas Street, Suite 430 ON KIN 7B7 Ottawa, Canada

    Funded by women Noble Peace Prize laureates to use their experiences for peace work.

  • Hunt Alternatives Fund

    1615 M St NW, Suite 850 DC 20036 Washington, USA

    Runs the Institute for Inclusive Security to promote the inclusion of women in peace processes.

  • Euro-Mediterrainean Human Rights Network

    Vestergade 16 DK-1456 Copenhagen K, Denmark

    Networks that monitors the Euro-Med-region. Offers news etc.

  • Fokus – Forum for Women and Development

    Storgata 11 0155 Oslo, Norway

    A resource center for international women’s issues with emphasis on spreading information.