For women’s full participation in conflict resolution and peacebuilding

An initiative from Kvinna till Kvinna

What to do?

Egyptian women demonstrating against violence against women. Photo: Randa Ali.

Often it’s much easier to identify a problem than it is to find solutions for it. Of course you want to do everything in your power to make sure that the international agreements on women’s rights in general and the equal sharing of decision-making in conflict resolution and peace processes in particular, are being fully implemented. But what can you actually do?

If you are a politician or decision-maker, you already have access to the arenas where the do’s and don’ts are being decided on – use that access! Whether it’s on a local, national or international level, the more people with power that advocate for women and peacebuilding, the greater the chance that something actually happens. You’ll find more material and concrete recommendations to use under For politicians.

Are you just an ordinary civilian who want’s to get engaged, or maybe a peace activist that need some tips on how to sharpen your work for women’s right to participation in peacebuilding? Go to For activists for more resources and information.

Do you still need convincing? Go to Why? and Women and armed conflict.